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Communities across Nunavut linked using RDC Income Support Solution

Effective December 1st, 2017 24 communities across the territory of Nunavut are ‘live’ and integrated using RDC’s Income Support System Software. Deployed in 22 government locations across Nunavut (with remote access by the smallest hamlets) income support workers now process household applications, need assessments, benefits, and payments for families in need. Managing the needs of close to 15,000 clients, we are pleased and honoured to serve and support one of Canada’s 13 jurisdictions with a complete ‘end-to-end’ system. Designed for social workers, it simplifies and improves the quality and precision of government income support services. The system also applies an innovative design to compensate internet communication and infrastructure challenges often faced by government services in remote communities. This uniquely Canadian success story is based on technology and infrastructure developed in Ottawa by Rogue Data.