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Step 1: Request for Service System

The ‘Request for Service’ launches an operation or service delivery event by providing front line workers with client look-ups and tools to check file history. This is the entry point for any system. It enables data look-ups for creation work, program applications or other events.

The ‘Request for Service’ is configured to support your program offering. Examples include both online or ‘in-house’ service requests, depending on your program or business model:

  • Application (e.g. Police Check)
  • Application for Income Support or Social Assistance
  • Request for Service
  • Requisitions
  • Customs Declarations and Releases
  • Claim Requests
  • Travel Requests
  • Government Program Requests (such as a Request for Income Support)
  • Business Application Forms (any administrative, operational or manufacturing service request)

Information is created or retrieved for action. Additional information may be collected during an interview or application request and incorporated into the resulting workflow.