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Step 3: Approval Request System

Every event is captured as an individual decision. All work is approved by the originator front-line workers or a manager can review and approve line work as needed by Operational Approval or Monetary thresholds. Signing authorities, delegations and regulatory conditions auto-trigger approval events.

‘Requests for Approval’ are generated automatically by the system. Approvers have complete tracking and the ability to follow approval requests through the ‘chain of command’. All approvals or modifications to data are tracked and are traceable back the individual who took the decision, and in accordance with your rules governing delegated authorities. Approval request are complemented with RDC’s secure instant messaging and mobile alerts for users not on the system.

As a manager, you also have complete user management and configuration capability as employees change or are promoted.

Based on signing authorities, delegations, approval authorities and so forth, authorized users are provided with interfaces to review, adjust, support or deny the work of front-line staff.

Depending on thresholds and other control instruments, approval authorities are dynamically embedded in user profiles. Operational, regional and headquarter approval requests can be submitted, reviewed, adjusted and processed in minutes – and based on dollar value thresholds or program rules set by your unique policies or regulations at the time the decision is taken. Even when rules change, the original rules that applied to historical decision remain for future audits and analysis.

In consultation with the program sponsor, and based on a program’s approval controls, Rogue’s Program Approval ‘Electronic Business Agent’ plug-in is configured to follow approval delegations and authorities set by an organization.