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Step 6: History Management System

A full ‘file’ or ‘case’ management function allowing users to retrieve and amend previous service requests, assessments, approvals and payments issued or received over time. All adjustments are logged and historical events are protected. Scheduling and resource allocation for interviews or client visits are also available.

Steps 1 to 4 feed the history of a given event profile, and then are linked to the appropriate data records. Capabilities also include scheduling and re-allocation of work.

This functionality can also apply to various material management functions such as confirming stock levels and replenishment alerts or reorder points.

Using the Rogue Workbench and in consultation with the client, previous client files and their history over time can be viewed, and when required, queried and accessed for detailed review… all within the workbench. Line staff review information and previous services given to a client prior to interviews or for audit purposes.

In consultation with the program sponsor, and based on a program’s program case management approach, RDC aligns with how your organization and line staff wish to monitor work-in-progress as well as schedule allocation of work across the organization.