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Step 2: Eligibility Assessment System

Collect information regarding service or program eligibility. Assessing requests for service is done in compliance with your unique business rules using the RDC Workbench rules engine. Rules related to processing requests for services are validated, simplifying workflow processing by front-line staff.

Calculations and compliance rules are configured into lookups and data collection fields to guide users towards appropriate decisions.

For example, evaluation may include dynamic application of regulatory or legislative calculations that govern the disbursement of payments or collection of fees for given service.

Compliance calculations can be remotely and dynamically applied and updated overtime as needed. Historical events already processed retain the rules by which the assessment was made, even when current practices change.

In consultation with the program sponsor, and based on a program’s eligibility requirements, Rogue’s Program Assessment ‘Electronic Business Agent’ plug-in is configured to validate rules that govern the evaluation of process, product or service.