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Step 5: Personal Data Records System

Programs and services depend on new or known clients (Personal Data Records) or vendors (Business Data Records). The RDC Deployment Framework creates or looks-ups records for processing service requests. Users can ‘passively’ update data records based on corporate rules as business is conducted.

Front line workers create or look-up records every time they initiate a new event. Users dynamically maintain or update and record any factors that affect your clients or employees – and coordinates changes to those records over time. In the context of workflow automation, typical examples include a client’s ‘Personal Data Record’ or a ‘Product Code’ for goods held in inventory. Users build up a profile of activities associated your data records.

You, as a program manager, are able to access and review fully maintained individual or aggregated client profiles that can be used to support one or multiple programs. For example, depending on your business or program, attributes related to the individuals personal information, education, name alias, employment or any other profile is possible. Information from a range of activities can be assigned to the same ‘unit of work’.

  • Create Data Records
  • Modify Records (a full change history is maintained)
  • Audit changes to Data Records over time.

‘Units of Work’ could also represent documents, transactions or other service delivery events, depending on how an organization itemizes who or what it wants to manage and measure. In consultation with you, and based on your program’s ‘unit of work’, we work with you to define your ‘Electronic Business Agent’ plug-in, in accordance with how your organization wishes to manage its data records.

Data and Transaction Security: Only personal information associated with a given program can be accessed. Using advanced security and PKI for the exchange of data transactions, complete privacy is maintained. Capture, access and archive data records in strict compliance with your organizations privacy policies with highly configurable user access and role permissions.