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Health and Safety

RDC understands the importance of OHS systems and the important role they play in accident prevention and risk management. We have developed and implemented the Risk Management System for the Government of Nunavut – a system for managing policy renewals and insurance claims. At the same time, we appreciate legislative and regulatory requirements Canadian companies must meet when it comes to corporate liability and responsibility.



Linking across your current HR, training, equipment maintenance tracking and other data sources, we bring a Unified OHS View to your organization that is tied directly into operational business systems.

Working with OSH subject matter experts and employer representatives, we can assist your company with a unique system to support and track any or all of the following, in compliance with your organization’s ‘Internal Responsibility System‘.

We design systems for monitoring workplace safety compliance, providing tools for Health and Safety Officers and various mandated committees that help companies demonstrate compliance with Federal, Provincial as well as industry standards.

  • Incidents & Risk Management: Safety Incidents Reporting, Safety Hazards and Risks, Assessment, Work Observations, Safety Objectives & Targets, Safety Policy, Safety Meetings Management
  • Audits and Inspections Management: Audits Management, Non-conformances and Corrective/Preventive Actions Tracking, Management Review
  • Document and Training Management: Document Control, Records Management, Training Management, Worker Competency Tracking
  • Legal Requirements / Internal Responsibility System Compliance: Permits Management, Operational Control, Communications Management, License Management, Maintenance, Monitoring & Measurement, Legal & Other Requirements, Emergency Response
  • Compliance & Operations: Permits Management, Operational Control, Emergency Response, Monitoring and Measurement, Legal and Other Requirements