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Sustainable Development Systems

The RDC team brings a rich background and passion to sustainable development with experience in CIDA and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) as well as working experience supporting Canadian Inuit and Indigenous peoples.

Deploy a program delivery system that is hosted centrally (in Canada) but available globally. Aid workers can collect program delivery data ‘on the ground – for example, supporting humanitarian “Refugee Response Plans”, bridging the “humanitarian/development nexus”.

RDC solutions can be configured to support specific aid distribution rules and track program financials (disbursements, funds transfers etc.). Different programme rules for different regions, projects or camps can be applied at the same time, allowing flexibility across borders. In other words, it can support whatever stakeholders want to deliver: needs, benefits, monitoring, tracking, financial transactions etc…

Our solution includes a case management capability that can record needs, relocation requirements, housing and ‘continuity of care’ planning for each refugee. It includes a personal data record component so individual refugees can support across different programs. It can also track refugee skills for various programs (e.g. often refugees can self-support program delivery once they get they assist they need).

In addition, RDC solutions operate both on and offline – it operates in high latency, low band situations where the infrastructure is unstable or slow (e.g. remote camp locations).

The system is also highly secure. Interaction is supported by PKI (encryption) and even if the device is stolen or lost, no program data is lost or compromised.

It can be configured to support specific program delivery rules and forms, assisting field workers with program delivery and management. It can be adjusted over time to support changes in rules or field conditions. Data collection allows for real-time monitoring and program improvements (quality assurance). Because data is stored centrally, program managers can monitor the program at will, and in real time – they can get real intelligence on what is happening ‘on the ground’.

We understand that IT is a pillar in sustainable development strategies, particularly when it comes to supporting aid workers with management of food distribution, shelter and matters of security. Areas where we can help development or aid organizations include local laptop or mobile systems (through our hosted tier 1 facilities in Canada) to manage and track:

  • Social program registration, administration and resource management
  • Transportation logistics, distribution and inventory management
  • E-Health Strategies and health information processing
  • Contribution Agreements and Aid program evaluation
  • Travel authorization and management
  • E-governance, delegation and financial control systems
  • Micro-loan management
RDC is willing to work with and contribute technology plus implementation support to aid organizations on location and at cost to bring greater access to people in need.